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Is Menopause Negatively Impacting Your Company’s Bottom Line? Have you even thought about this before??

Because Menopause is a very personal subject, it isn’t readily addressed in today’s workplace

– but it should be!

As of 2012, it’s estimated that there are 26.8 million women aged 45-64 employed in today’s workforce. By 2018, it’s predicted that number will increase to approximately 3.8 million.

Recent studies reveal that a sizable percentage of these working women report their Menopause symptoms DEFINITELY interfere with their ability to carry out workplace duties…

Chief among these are symptoms such as: severe hot flashes that occur during business meetings and corporate presentations, memory lapses and difficulty focusing due to hormone fluctuations and resultant sleep disruptions, unexpected weepiness for no reason, migraines, and profound fatigue.

It’s well proven that stress worsens the symptoms associated with Menopause and more than likely, your female Menopausal employees are SUFFERING!

We realize you’ve probably never even thought about it before – but here are questions you should really ask:

Is Menopause wrecking your bottom-line and worker productivity?

Are your female employees secretly, silently, and needlessly suffering?

Did you know some Female Executives often experience overwhelming stress attempting to hide the changes and symptoms that accompany this very natural time in a woman’s life – and hiding it may greatly exacerbate the issue.

Are you finding that emotions are running high, and your otherwise top performing female workers are ‘starting to slip’ ?

If so, we’re here to help!

We care and we’ve devoted the last several years to addressing this growing, highly sensitive subject.

The result?  A cutting-edged, powerful, personalized program to lend much needed support and clarity to female Menopausal Executives & Employees – and the bosses who care about them.

Are you ready to address this taboo topic head-on and help your female employees not only get back on top of their game – but THRIVE like never before?

If your answer is ‘YES!’ then this program would be a fantastic employee educational benefit for women of all ages at your company!

The ‘Making Peace with Menopause©’ Corporate Program has been lovingly and painstakingly crafted with you and your female employees’ frustrations, concerns, anxieties and needs in mind.

Corporate Program Overview:

  • A three (3) month group coaching program, consisting of two (2) 45-minute calls per month with personalized Question and Answer periods following each class.
  • Included is the Making Peace With Menopause – Embarking on the Journey of Your Lifetime and Living to Tell the Tale© book and companion Workbook/Diary


Pricing varies according to the number of employees participating in the program.

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